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In the summer of 1993, I had taken a job in Tallahassee, Florida.  Debbie was working in Austin, Texas.  We were not yet engaged, and this separation was going to be the true litmus test of our relationship.  Well, 28 years later, you can see how it worked out.  Anyway, our last weekend together before I left for Florida was spent at Sea World, San Antonio.  In addition to the normal attractions there, the night was occupied by a Barry Manilow concert.  Laugh if you want, but Barry Manilow is the man.  This guy has written some of the biggest and most recognized songs in American music history.  For example, here’s Debbie’s favorite…

And mine…

And if you notice, both of these videos are recent.  Hear how strong and in perfect pitch his voice still is?  Barry Manilow is seventy-nine years old.  A couple of years ago, he retired from regular touring.  So, this afternoon when I saw it announced he was coming to Charlotte, I was surprised.  Turns out it’s nothing resembling a large-scale jaunt.  No, it’s a seven-stop tour in January that wraps up on January 21, 2023, at The Spectrum Center.  This event marks Manilow’s 50th year as a performing artist.  In a press statement he says, “I look forward to this upcoming amazing year celebrating my personal milestone with my fans that have been with me throughout these many wonderful years.”  Tickets go on presale on Nov. 17 with code SMILE (one of Barry’s biggest hits is “Can’t Smile Without You”). General public tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. on Nov. 18 at or  I’m not going to kid you, they are not cheap.  No matter where you sit, you’re not going to get out (after taxes and fees) for less than between $200-$300.  That being said, it is 100% worth it-If for no other reason than you may never have the opportunity to see one of American music’s all-time, premier entertainers again (in person).

National Concert Day: 5 Tips to Save on Live Entertainment in Charlotte

Having taken a two-year hiatus, concert season is back! Here in Charlotte, there are plenty of concerts to choose from. PNC Pavillion is near my house, and you know there are some days when you don’t want to drive there.

Tickets are getting more expensive as summer approaches, making it harder for people to find tickets and stay within their budgets. Fortunately, there are ways to save on live entertainment. Consumer expert Rebecca Gramuglia of discusses five ways to enjoy your favorite artists without breaking the bank. This concert season in 2022, here are several ways to save on live entertainment in Charlotte.

  • Plan Ahead

    With the demand for entertainment being higher than ever, you’ll want to score your tickets as early as possible to avoid expensive resellers. Look for presale codes on social media, via email, and on the artist’s website. This is a must, especially in Charlotte where concerts sell out fast!

  • Compare Pricing

    In-person events can get expensive, especially if you plan to travel out of town. Whether you’re buying your tickets or booking travel online, be sure to use a cashback site, like, to score the highest percentage of your money back on qualifying purchases from sites like Ticketmaster, StubHub, Expedia, Priceline, and more. This can save you some serious green for beer.

  • Figure Out Your Ride

    If you’re planning to drive to the venue, figure out the parking situation ahead of time to avoid surge pricing and last-minute fees. And if you’re planning to use Uber or Lyft to get there, schedule your ride ahead of time for a set price. Some are cheaper than others! (Or ask a friend for a free ride!)

  • Use the right credit card

    Depending on the venue or the website you use to purchase tickets, you may have access to special offers and seat sections with your credit card. If you’re an active concert-goer, theatre lover, or sports enthusiast, consider applying for one of these credit cards to score the best possible seats along with cashback and points on purchases. Plus, you can get your tickets early and some stadiums and arenas offer special perks and discounts for specific cardholders — it’s a win-win!

  • Stick to a budget

    Merchandise and concessions at events can add up pretty quickly. To ensure you budget effectively for the concert, research the venue to see what you can bring inside. And if you plan on buying merchandise, check the artist’s website for pricing in advance and give yourself a generous budget in case prices are higher than expected.

    Pro-tip: Don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s too expensive. After the concert, look for budget-friendly merchandise at retailers like Hot Topic or from eBay resales.

  • Get to know the surrounding area

    Whether you’re traveling far or staying close to home, make sure to research the venue’s local amenities. You can save on dining in the area with discount gift cards from sites like Raise, or plan activities and experiences from sites like Groupon. This will allow you to plan out your entire day surrounding the concert in advance to avoid sold-out reservations and long wait times.