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Okay, get a load of this.  Can you think of anything cuter or more relaxing than this?  Watch, I’ll wait.

Goat snuggling.  Snuggling a goat.  Steinmetz Family Farm makes the rounds of Pennsylvania farms and festivals allowing people to love and be loved by, goats.  Who could possibly have a problem with this?  Well, I thought you’d never ask.  According to WFMZ News, co-owner of the farm (along with his wife Lauren) Justin Steinmetz says the farm has been bombarded on message boards and social media with “not-so-nice” messages from animal rights activists and vegan extremists.  Now, the family has felt the need to pull out of their exhibit commitment to two upcoming events in the Lehigh Valley.

The issue is, wait for it, “animal exploitation.”  OMG!  Here’s what’s going on.  Animals are being loved on.  And the animals are loving on people.  Exactly what is wrong here?  The charge for goat love is $5 a snuggle.  And now, rather than subject the upcoming events to rioters and picketers, the Steinmetz couple has decided to just pull out of the event.

I hate sounding like an old man in socks and Birkenstocks yelling like a lunatic at people to get off my lawn, but this kind of thing makes me nuts.  Who exactly is waking up this morning saying, “Well, we showed the Steinmetz Farm.  How dare they try to spread joy and love with their cute goats.  How dare they subject those goats to the love of people dying to give it.”

When you say it out loud like that, it’s even more preposterous, right?

12 TikToks of Cute Zoo Animals To Make You Smile

It’s Monday. And if you’re anything like me the week ahead looks daunting. It seems like when life opened up and kicked back into gear it’s going faster than it was before. But even though I’m stressed, it’s always good to make time for some self-care. And you should too. So here’s a quick way to brighten up your day. Enjoy these 12 TikToks of cute zoo animals guaranteed to make you smile.