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The current lineup of creatures that are NOT on my “Must Meet List” is populated by the following:  snakes, alligators/crocodiles, and sharks.  And I don’t differentiate between good/bad, big/little of any of these.  I don’t like them, I don’t want them in my life.  Let’s stick with sharks for now.  Honestly, there’s not a moment that I’m in the ocean that I’m not somewhat panicked by what is below, looking at me to be a snack.  I certainly would not go out of my way to HELP a shark.  That’s why these people in Pensacola, Florida, are astonishing to me.  A MASSIVE mako shark washed ashore there last week, and people were tripping over themselves to try to help it.

You’re kidding me, right?  Look, I realize it’s not a great white or tiger shark, but make no mistake about it, makos are man-killers.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their teeth.  Check out the movie, “Deep Blue Sea.”

Tina Fey (no, not THAT Tina Fey) were celebrating their one-year anniversary on Pensacola’s beautiful beaches when this huge shark just washed ashore in front of them.  According to, Fey posted to her social media, “We took action to get him back in the water since the wildlife people and lifeguards told us there was not they could do!! So we did our best to try to save him!!”

This is where my philosophy and Tina’s obviously part ways.  If I’m told there’s nothing officials can do, I immediately include myself in that list and do nothing.  This video below is positively frightening.  Check out Tina’s husband trying to “unbeach” the massive shark.  The frustrated fish starts to twist and turn.  Hubby jumps out of the way and then goes back?!  All this while Tina is chirping, “Look at them freakin’ teeth!”

Yes, Tina.  Those teeth are why you won’t see me attempting to rescue massive mako sharks that have washed ashore!

North & South Carolina Named Most Shark Filled Waters in the World

Yikes! I know Shark Week is over, but this story got my attention quickly. Every year, around shark week and during the busy summer months, reports come out about sharks. Whether it’s what to do if you see a shark, reports of shark attacks, and where the sharks most likely are. When the summer comes and the beaches get a bit busier, patrol spikes more and everyone is on alert for sharks. I am not a big beach water fan, I will go to enjoy the scenery and layout but actually getting into the water, it’s a no for me.

CNN is reporting some of the most shark-filled waters across the world. Just last year, over 50 unprovoked shark attacks were reported, according to CNN. So, what does this all mean? Using data on reported shark attacks, we’re looking at what areas had the most shark attacks over some years. Unfortunately, both North and South Carolina made the list with quite a bit of shark attacks over the last few years. Below will only show what US states made the list, but to check out the full report click here.

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